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The Catalogue of SPAMpoetry exhibition

June 4, 2012


UPDATE on realization of SPAMpoetry

June 4, 2012

With the help of Davey Taylor we have succeeded to reverse engineer file format of KH940 machine! In addition to that we have created an interface for uploading patterns. It means to use the terminal in not needed anymore. And what is more important, we can upload much bigger patters (KH940 has 10 times bigger memory than KH930) and as well the upload of multiple number of patterns is possible!

All the instructions and code is located here:

Listening to the ships of Palma

December 3, 2011

Me and Mar Canet Sola are currently artists-in-residency at CRIDA in Palma where we are listening to the traffic of local sea. We are using AIS-2-USB radar and antenna for receiving all the data of reachable area. These data are then applied for the real-time score composition purpose. The sound piece is realized in PD and reflects upon the invisible data of sea. Therefore the project is called ‘The Flux of Sea’.

In addition to the sound installation we have done silk prints of data visualization and as well light installation.

Urban stitching

September 21, 2011

My 1st cherries got destroyed. so i decided to make new and bigger ones 😉

Couldn’t stand greyness of Liverpool anymore and decided to bring some colors through stitching on the metal wall

using an old car alternator for ENERGY!

September 3, 2011


normally for a bike generator DC permanent magnet motors are used that is quite expensive. An old car alternator is much cheaper option. Here is my first try for powering a lamp (sorry for a bit shaky video).

alternator hooked up to a bike wheel

The difference is alternator needs to see 12V for starting up because it has not magnets inside.

Here is my wiring up:

Potato-battery + some lemons :)

August 28, 2011

gaining ampers is really a problem i must say.


Shopping in 1 Minute

August 15, 2011

Now for iPhone and pubic space!

The aim is to use shopping malls as playground and play instead of buying!