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:: love the robots show ::

March 11, 2010

join the online performance!

my topics will be puppetry, comparison of japanese and western view on robots, and my work.

12.03.10 from 8pm
DOCK18 Raum für Medienkulturen, Rote Fabrik

:: love the robots show ::

The love the robots show is a showcase combining media art, network performance, informal lecture and discussion centred around the theme of robots, contemporary arts, culture and society.

The structure of the event allows time for informal discussion and incorporates physical and remote participation from guest artists working with robots in their practice.  Seven international robotics artists will present their work, with several robotic artworks also exhibited on the night, alongside soldering and construction of new work as the event transpires.

:: live stream for the night ::

:: artists ::

Kirsty Boyle (Australia)
Andy Gracie (UK/Spain)
Varvara Guljajeva (Estonia/Austria)
Erika Lincoln (Canada)
Chico MacMurtie (USA)
Niki Passath (Austria)
Effi Tanner (Suisse)

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