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I am Varvara Guljajeva an artist from Estonia but currently living and working in Linz, Austria.

The artworks of mine are expressing my broad range of interest and attitude towards society.  My art practice involves variety of media: sculpture, installation, photography, sound works, performance. In addition to that, I like to experiment with and explore various materials and techniques. Especially making inorganic material organic, like cable clips, rubber bands, plastic pipes, and rubber, is fascinating me. Often I am applying techniques of handcraft in combination with industrial materials, in order to achieve unusual pattern. In other words, I am searching for a form and structure that could be created from these materials. I am looking for the poetic characteristics of materials that have not been explored yet.

My interest continues with kinetic sculpture. It is very important for me that the object that I create is alive. Therefore I am always searching for an organic texture and form, and applying technology for achieving a movement and behavior.

To sum up, the above-mentioned underlines a non-linear development of my art practice. Through different media and materials I am exploring possible expression of my inner world and thoughts. However, I am not only concerned about myself, I am always trying to surprise the audience and push the borders of normality.

In short, I have set up this blog in order to document the process of my art projects’ development, experiments, and in the end, share my thoughts, knowledge and inspiration.


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