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Augmented photography

augmented photography

Project is a part Re-framing Photography

This project started from my photo series. I printed out the photos and wanted them to become alive and blink to me.

I was influenced by the old 3D illustrations that have mechanical logic behind. Thus, i am using the old principle and enhancing it with some electronics.

I am now preparing 4 augmented photos for an exhibition. Here are already 3 done!


Development Process

here is the first demo looked like this:

it is not perfect  and i am working on improvement. i plan to use instead of 1 servo 2 in oder to achieve the synchronous movement of eyes. Plus i am designing shut eyes, too.

Improved version: with 2 servos. Had a bit hard time with arduino programming but now i know how it works 😉

about the process for Demo 1:

1st i cut out the moving parts (in this case eyes) from the printed photo.

photo without eyes

2nd I printed out eyes as a separate layer and glued them on the form of circle, and attached servo motor to it.

servo and eyes

I used sterypor for the frame. it is practical material cause it is light, easy to cut and fix something into it, and cheap. So i cut the photo size frame, measured where suppose to come the second layer with eyes in order to make a whole for the servo motor.

cutting the frame from sterypor

the hole for servo motor


now i needed to connect arduino and followed the long period of testing in order to get eyes exactly on position. After getting the positions of servo, i added a proximity sensor for detecting presence.


Process for Demo 2

After the 1st prototype, i discovered that i need actually 2 servos and 2 separate circles closed and opened eyes on them.

1. i photographed the doll again but only with closed eyes

2. yes, Photoshop is my best friend! 🙂 developed there circles and put closed and opened eyes on them. Check the rotation! it is important that each eyes will look straight when they reach the right position

3. fixed servos into soft background

from behind

thats how it looks from behind.

PS. and no computer! i managed to get analog values from proximity sensor and send them back directly to arduino for controlling servos.

4. glued the frame on top and placed on the wall

I quite like my augmented photography cause it always reminds me about it self and looks a bit magical.

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  1. April 10, 2010 8:27 pm

    I read a article under the same title some time ago, but this articles quality is much, much better. How you do this?

    • varvarag permalink*
      April 11, 2010 3:00 pm


      Could you please send me the link of related work? i am interested in collecting related work.
      Concerning the process, one has to think mechanically. So i spend some time testing and understanding how things move with motors and servos.

      What exactly do you want to know? i documented my first prototype and soon after getting better prints i plan to post more sufficient tutorials.

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