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Organic Sculptures

This series of artworks  are inspired by the spineless animal world and the laws of nature. My aim is not to copy the nature, on the contrary, I am searching for a new relation to and within it. I am fascinated by the behavior models of spineless animals, which i am applying for achieving “liveliness” of sculptures. Thus, i am combining organic form and material, plus behavior in order to gain “perceived as a live” effect.

Please see below my experiments with certain behaviors, like sound, breathing, motion, etc, and materials of course 😉


SNAIL-like sculptures

Project has been completed:

The sculptures are inter-connected, and thus, dependent on each other’s movements. Molluscs compose a metaphorical family.


At the moment I am developing SNAIL-like sculptures that are able to move around and sense environment (video will be available soon).

About the process and physical motion development:

– First, I made a house for my “animal” from curtains and latex


Applying lateks to a rope from curtains i was able to give it a new form

The yellow skin was made from another sort of latex that i used for SONIMA and Echinodermata (scroll down for more details).

– Second, I came up with as low-tech solution as possible but still it served my needs.

I removed unnecessary parts of toy car (sound, light) and placed it under the sculpture

view from bottom

And here is the demo of SNAILs in motion (ps. quickly done dome)

I plan is to create 5 SNAIL-like sculptures and compose them to an installation (more details after finishing the project).


SONIMA – sonic sculpture

the latest version:

Currently I am working on a new kind of symbiosis between the organic sculptures and trees.

results of first test with material and environment

In this case a tree serves as a host for the sculpture.

The next organic sculpture is going to be sonic. At the moment i am working on the body part.

Hope to get it done soon and bring it to nature 😉

Prototype of symbiosis

it should look something like this:


Work process:

1st i figure out the shape of sculpture and then make the cast accordingly (see below)

cast from plasticine

2nd i fill the cast with latex emulsion

cast filled with latex emulsion

here is the result of cast and ready organic sculpture:

The sculpture is sonic cause it is able to make sounds and i called it SONIMA! Inside the sculpture is sound circuit and the contacts of conductive threads are making unexpected sounds.

sound circuit inside


Here is my organic sculpture, SONIMA, in the nature, in symbiosis with tree and making sounds based on wind 😉 Promise to post a video soon.

And here comes the video. Unfortunately there was no wind at all, so i was interacting with SONIMA in order to demonstrate some sounds.

SONIMA in a gallery environment:


Echinodermata – a breathing sculpture

Video demonstration and documentation of process. For understanding the realization, pls go to the end of the video:

Echinodermata – is a series of behavior-based organic sculptures that are able to breathe. Through breathing, which is one of the main sings of live, we are relating Echinodermata to nature. However, we are not trying to hide the technology nor we are aiming to copy existing life. On the contrary, we are amplifying the characteristics of technology and translating into a peculiar behavior of Echnidermata. In short, we are relating to biological form and systems in an original way, and thus, creating a new system of life. We call this form of life hyper-artificial life!

Finally Echinodermata is properly breathing:

After trying mini air pumps, we decided to use compressor that allow a proper breathing.

The compressor has been placed inside the sculpture that adds as well special sound characteristics. Thus, i call it hyper artificial life cause we apply extremely mechanical ways in order to achieve life-like results.

Apart from symbiosis, I am developing kinetic organic sculpture as well. The organism, i call it Primitive, will be breathing. I believe that one of the most natural behaviors, like breathing, will help to achieve  ‘living organism’ effect. Plus the movement of used material (rubber-like material and spikes) will add natural kinetic movements.

the surface of kinetic organic sculpturethe surface of kinetic organic sculpture

Referring to materials, I am searching for a small air/vacuum diaphragm pump and solenoid vales for realizing breathing.

Here is a sketch explaining my idea:


I mainly use latex for creating unique skin of Primitve, plus other various material for adding hair and spikes. Basically Primitive will one of Echinodermata 😉


Update from the last post: Echinodermata’s structure almost finished!

view from above


from inside


Next is to create breathing. For this purpose i am going to use a pump and some extra electronics.

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    Keep working ,splendid job!

  7. March 12, 2011 9:33 am

    Hi there. I like your blog. I came across it by chance. Great work. I make organic sculpture too, using recycled materials, balls at the moment. Anyway, take care

    • varvarag permalink*
      March 12, 2011 12:10 pm

      Hey Silvia!

      Thanx for writing me!
      I have checked out your works and blog. really inspiring!


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