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Repair Station

Repair Station took place at Fabrikken (FFKD) in Copenhagen during a week 20.-27.04.2011.

Repair Station is an art project inspired by Fluxus artists, their practice, and ideology. Varvara Guljajeva, Wendy Ann Mansilla and Tatiana Mellema spend a month in collaborative research residency(CRR) at Fabrikken exploring the experimental, open and provisional nature of Fluxus’ legacy. Thus, Repair Station can be seen as a creative outcome and experiment of our investigation on Fluxus.

About the station: the services in stress relief through advanced healing exercises were offered. A person, who was interested in experiencing Repair Station, was invited in side the booth where he was offered a chance-based therapy. The number of 2 dices determined the therapy.

The therapy menu consisted of 9 different services that all required active mental or physical participation from the audience.

After completing 18 therapy sessions we have received NO COMPLAINS! We have observed that after Repair Station all participants seemed to be relieved and more happy.

9 Therapies:
The recipes are following:
Take off your shoes.
Pour a jar of beans on the floor.
Step onto the beans, and roll the soles of your feet onto the beans for one minute.
Sit in a chair.
Watch a pendulum and listen.
Blow up a balloon until it explodes.
Plant a seed of money.
Press your face into a pillow and yell as loud as you can.
Throw a plate on the floor until it breaks.
Put on a blindfold.
Put on a blindfold.
Hold a smile for one minute.


Repair Station had as well the FluxusGlobe where the Fluxus network and locations where mapped. The globe helped us to realize the density of network and concentration.

The color of a pin represents its’ importance and activity level in the history of Fluxus art: GREEN stands for center, BLUE high activity level, and YELLOW means few events.


Repair Station had 4 ROLLS: Fluxus Roll, Pain Roll, Dream Roll, Trouble Roll

-> People were invited to read/write feelings on Fluxus

-> read/write a body part that caused pain lately

-> read/write the last dream

-> write/forget 1 of their troubles

More photos can be found here

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    May 11, 2011 2:24 pm

    Well Blogged

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